110 Angus cows with Bundaleer sired calves at foot


Introduction into our Guarantee

At Bundaleer it became abundantly clear in the early 80s that when buying a bull you are buying more than four legs and a set of testicles. You are hopefully buying:

The phenotypic characteristics - fertility, structure, growth, muscling, constitution and more recently genes for tenderness.

Years of breeding - an animal that the genetic propensity to reproduce itself - consistently.

Industry recognition - will the calves actually reach a premium (sometimes this is grossly overweighted)

Objective-evaluation - with the advent of breedplan this has become drastically easier.

Back-up - once I've signed the cheque will I see the stud breeder again? Or, if things go wrong, as they sometimes do, will they answer their phone.

With this in mind we have set about improving on each of these areas over the past twenty years and in reference to our guarantee and support we offer the following.

Bull Guarantee

We guarantee all bulls to be structurally sound, fertile and capable of natural service. Bulls are guaranteed for three years from date of sale. However, should a bull prove not to be able to function as a bull and is unable to sire progeny we will;

The guarantee covers the purchase value of the bull, without interest, costs of damages. The guarantee shall apply providing the bulls incapacity is not caused by injury, misadventure or disease contracted since leaving Bundaleer. The guarantee is reduced by a third of the purchase price for each year of service from the sale date. A veterinary certificate may also be requested at the vendors discretion.

Heifer Bull Guarantee

Bundaleer X Road X37

Over the past ten years we have significantly increased our growth rates and consquently on some of the bulls we sell they are not all suitable for heifer joining. As far as we are aware we are the first beef stud in Western Australia to offer a money back rebate on our 'heifer-bulls' that create calving difficulty.

(Picture right - Bundaleer Cowabunga C56 - one of four Guaranteed-Heifer-Bulls sold at our Inaugural Production Sale)

Should we sell a bull sold as a Guaranteed Heifer Bull and it causes calving dystocia we shall, with veterinary verification offer:

All bulls sold by us have undergone a thorough examination for health, fertility and structural soundness. Every bull is semen tested and vaccinated against Bovine Vibriosis before leaving the property.


We have approached our guarantee with a 'what-we-want' attitude - when buying a bull. By placing ourselves in your position we have developed an exceptional guarantee that few studs can match. When you buy a bull from Bundaleer you are buying more than four legs and a set of testicles. We offer the right phenotype, established genetics, proven performance and a committed back-up support.