Looking Back

New Dimension Sale: 1991 World Congress

During the 1991 International Murray Grey Congress we secured eight embryos from New Zealand. The embryos where offered by John Wyllie from the Newfield Stud, New Zealand. The embryos where by a very promising young bull: Lochaber-Braes Diplomat. John bought Diplomat and exported him to New Zealand where at the studís first production sale his first group of sons averaged $9500.

Murray Grey Sire: Lochaber-Braes Diplomat

At the time these genetics were at the forefront of the breed and looking back they were instrumental in the progress of our stud. We paid $8000AUD for eight embryos with a guarantee of four pregnancies. It was a substantial sum, however we thought the risk justified the advancement in genetic progress. The package resulted in four calves, comprising of two bulls and two heifers. These embryos were some of the first calves in WA by Locher-Braes Diplomat and remain the only embryos to be imported into WA from New Zealand. We retained the two bulls: Bundaleer Max was retained for stud use whilst Bundaleer Murdoch was used over our commercial herd.

Diplomat: The most influential sire of the 90s

In the later years we offered Murdoch to Blackwood Grazing a large commercial breeder in the lower South-West of WA. Blackwood at the time were using Simmental bulls and Bill Bennett the manager at the time was dubious about how the bull would perform, so he put Bundaleer Murdoch to some of his lesser breeders. It would be fair to say that the group of calves that followed in the subsequent year outperformed the Simmental progeny and resulted in the introduction of Grey bulls throughout the herd.

Bundaleer Max sired a number of quality cattle with much of his lineage appearing in pedigrees today. His most predominant son was Bundaleer Payday P43 who was sold out of the paddock for $10,000 to Martindale Murray Grey Stud. This was our first bull to hit the five figures. The females remained in the herd until the mature matrons were sold to the Monterey Murray Grey Stud. So impressed with this family line we bought back the heifer calf that was in utero (T84) when we sold M34, some nine years earlier. As a joint venture with Precision Transfer we have collected a number of embryos, a selection of these are currently available.


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