Murray Grey Field Trip - JACs herd, UK)

Murray Grey Field Day - JACs Herd, England, U.K.


Murray Grey Stud Cow: Bundaleer Antoinette B13 - Photo by Trinity Golding Farmweekly

When we first started breeding Murray Greys we considered them the ideal beef breed. We were drawn in by the history of the breed and the name it had created for itself. The hardiness came about by environment - having to survive the harsh winters of the Blue Mountains and being able to finish on the flats of the Murray River in the spring. It was a time when iconic Australian poet Banjo Patterson was writing about The Man From Snowy River and wild brumbies - no place for misfortune. These were times of legends and stories, and the Murray Grey breed was very much part of this era. This hardiness led to generations of stock that were low maintenance, fertile, structurally sound, well muscled and easy doing. As a result the breed had stamped its' name as a player in the Australian Beef Industry. One hundred years on and we find that the breed offers all of these core characteristics. These characteristics have shaped and defined our breeding objective into what it is today. (Above: Bundaleer Antoinette B13 - Second calver, shaping up into a dynamic young matron)

Murray Grey Stud Heifer: Bundaleer Davina D36 - Photo by Trinity Golding Farmweekly

With 35 years of breeding Murray Greys we have developed a herd that we are very proud of and they continue to be the life blood of our operation. We have approximately 30 family lines, the most numerous is the Lolita family with over 130 females recorded under the Bundaleer prefix. Other female lines that have bred exceptionally well include; Davina, Impost, Frederika, Remembrance, T.T., Terre and Topsy. Our highest profile family is the Opal line with many sons in studs across Australia. Purchasing the entire Koojan Hill herd injected a number of very reliable family lines, some of these include; Rowan, Joyce, Melissa, Kuri, Bolinda and Esmeralda. These females have bred remarkably well and we expect them to appear in pedigres across the globe for many more decades. In more recent years we have added some well established family lines from the East, in; Tarella, Antoinette, Carrie, Caldora and Gale. New local additions in recent years include: Daiya, Miss Millennium, Showgirl and more.(Above Left: Davina D36 - Promising True Blue daughter out of Bundaleer Davina W17)

Please enquiry via our request page if you are in the market for Murray Grey females.