Murray Grey Bulls


The South West corner of Western Australia is considered a safe rainfall area, however like many parts of Australia we are challenged by environmental change. Over the past 20 years we have experienced a 300mm reduction in rainfall (see graph below). We consider Murray Greys are well positioned to accommodate this change and from commercial-client-feedback the Bundaleer type are excelling. Progeny are fast growing with the ability to finish when it counts.
Cape Leeuwin Raifall 10 year trend
We are fortunate that each year we have enough water to fill our dams to water our stock and we have always been able to cut hay. This is not always the case for the larger part of the wheat belt, with the fringe located two hours east of us. Many of our clients are located in the wheatbelt and their Greys are just part of a balanced farming operation. The break of the season is normally in April/May with most of the rainfall in the winter months of June, July and August. If planning a trip to Western Australia with the intention to view cattle and intend doing the touristy thing, the months of September to November are best. However, sale bulls each year are kept going once the grass turns with haylage or supplementary feed prior to sale.

Our 2nd Production Sale will be held on-farm 21st January 2010.