Welsh Royal - Interbreed Beef Bull Centennial Royal Welsh Show - Welsh steward marshalling the Interbreed bull competition.

About Us

Bundaleer is an Australian Murray Grey Beef Cattle Stud located in Western Australia. Bundaleer Murray Grey Stud is owned in partnership between Cliff Owen and Sam Owen. Cliff founded the stud in 1974 with the Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society of Australia and has been a staunch believer in objective evaluation, common sense and genetic progress through the use of AI and ET. Sam has been fortunate enough to have been taken under the wing of Lew Smit (formerly Koojan Hill Murray Grey, now Koojan Hills Angus) and taught the fundamentals of breeding cattle. Their mentoring has provided a solid foundation for Sam's approach to cattle breeding.

With Lew and Cliff's guidance Sam attended several beef cattle judging competitions and managed to bag a couple of wins for the West - many thanks also need to go to Jim McGregor, Ardcairnie Angus Stud. One of these wins (National Angus Livestock Judging Competition) allowed Sam to spend time under the counsel of Dr Doug Parrett and Dr Steve Myers from the University of Illinois. The time spent in the States was invaluable; it provided one-to-one tuition and weekly competitions on livestock selection. This was a unique experience that Sam would recommend to all young beef cattle enthusiasts.

The take home message from all of this is that Bundaleer makes every effort to remain objective and thorough in their evaluation and selction process. We strive to produce 'functional-efficient cattle' (ref. Wally Sharratt - South Africa, 'Senior Judge: 1996 National Angus Livestock Judging Competition') that reproduce progeny that consistently hit market specifications. Bundaleer X Road X37

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Murray Grey Society in the UK for their support (especially Rosemary Kent and Wendy Finucane) and their invitation on two occasions to judge at the Royal Welsh (Wales) and at the Royal Newbury (England). Amy (my wife - from Wales) and I spend considerable time in the UK and it is nice to be able to drop in and get a cow-fix once in a while.

Finally I trust, as you know or as you get to know us that we like to have a bit of fun! There is the odd jest on this website about industry, cattle, people or the markets or the weather or the... Anyway I hope you enjoy having a look over our website and please feel free to drop us a line, call or drop in to have a look over the herd.